The Happy Flower & Gift Gallery. Our floral studio is located in Burlington, Wisconsin, and we serve Southeast Wisconsin and the greater Chicagoland area. We offer stunning flower arrangements in trendy sola wood and classy silk that last forever. Whether you choose from the elegant, rustic, natural or bold & bright gallery, our unique designs match your style and add beauty to all venues.

A little about sola wood. Sola wood comes from the root of the tapioca plant; sola wood flowers are skillfully created once the root is cut and peeled. Each intricate flower is handmade, hand painted and comes in an array of colors that nature cannot provide—plus, these wonderful wood flowers are sustainable and recyclable. And, sola wood flowers never wilt, save money compared to fresh flowers and last forever.

Imagine displaying your premiere bouquet years later to celebrate a milestone event—such as—a wedding anniversary or for years to come on the mantle or in a vase as part of your home décor. The Happy Flower & Gift Gallery strives to accommodate your personal style with custom, floral works-of-art for your special day, distinctive gift or memorable event that last forever.

Sola wood or silk. Hmm. If you can’t decide between sola wood flowers or silk flowers, we have another option for you, because we also create extraordinary floral bouquets that combine sola wood with silk for a modern look that is fresh, full of depth and full of texture.

Care and handling tips:

o  Avoid direct sunlight.

o  Store in a dry, cool place.

o  Avoid moisture.

o  To clean, dust lightly or spray with air.

Now, shop our exclusive line for all your floral design needs!

What is your style?

The Happy Flower & Gift Gallery can accommodate your unique style. We create custom, floral works-of-art for your special day, special gift or memorable event that last forever. All styles are available in sola wood, silk or a combination of sola wood and silk.

BOLD & bright
Available colors:

Any tint, tone or shade can be created to match your color pallet.

"Beating Heart"


Rockin Red

Rosey Red

Ruby Red



Rio Red

The Cherry on Top

Hot Rod Red

Radiant Rose

"Tangerine Dream"

Arizona Clay





Coral Quartz

Blissful Blush


Savannah Peach

"Keystone Yellow"


Sun Kissed

Banana Popsicle

Lemon Chiffon

Soft Yellow




Lemon Drop

"Emerald Isle"